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XCOMPay - payment gateway for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum and many others

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Use only one single API to accept more than 100+ cryptocurrencies.

We offer instant crypto checkout with easy to use cart plugins, advanced buttons, invoice builder, and an API for custom integrations

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How XCOM Pay Works

XCOM Pay bridges the blockchain ecosystem with retail, hedging the risks, increasing speed and enabling instant payments in multiple cryptocurrencies.

XCOM benefits for all


  • Variety of cryptocurrencies for payments
  • Loyalty rewards and discounts
  • Small commissions


  • 0% fees
  • Rewards for accepting crypto
  • New returning customers
  • Ability to choose currency for withdrawal


  • Participating in fee distribution
  • Income for maintaining the system
  • Increased liquidity and demand for the coins


2018 Q4

DEV Start Of Project Engineering

DEV Blockchain Math Modeling

DEV BlockChain Testing

2019 Q1

UX Website launch

COIN Native Wallets Launch

COIN Web Wallet Launch

ADV Marketing And Advertising

COIN Listing On Exchanges

DEV Project Engineering Completed

UX MVP of Payment gateway

DEV Support for BTC & XCOM Coin

2019 Q2

DEV 5+ cryptocurrencies supported

DEV Merchant Dashboard v1.0

UX Invoice Maker

UX POS Interface

UX Donations

UX Button Maker

ADV Marketing And Advertising

2019 Q3

DEV 10+ cryptocurrencies supported

DEV Centralized exchanges integrated (Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex)

DEV Fiat withdrawals supported

UX eCommerce Plugins

UX Market Place v1.0

COIN Listing On Exchanges

ADV Marketing And Advertising

2019 Q4

DEV 30+ cryptocurrencies supported

UX Merchant App (Android + iOS)

UX Mobile Wallet(Android + iOS)

UX More eCommerce Plugins

COIN Listing On CMC

ADV Marketing And Advertising

2020 Q1

UX Market Place v2.0

DEV Merchant Dashboard v2.0

DEV 100+ cryptocurrencies supported

DEV POS integration

ADV Marketing And Advertising

Customer interfaces
Web development
Blockchain technology

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XCOMPay coin specifications

Coin Name XCOM Pay
Ticker XCOM
Hash Algo Hash Quark
Type POS & Masternodes
Block Time 60 seconds
Block Reward 1 XCOM
Masternode Reward 80% - 95%
Masternode Collateral 1 000 XCOM
Maturity 15 blocks
Stake Age 12 hours
Spendable Premine 50 000 XCOM (~0.24%)
Locked Premine 200 000 XCOM (~0.95%)
Max Supply 21 000 000 XCOM

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