Completing this form is the FIRST step in a new coin listing on XCOM Payment Gateway

Standard listing: 500 XCOM

Generally 1-3 days from payment to listing, but can vary depending on demand at the time. We will aim to contact you within 12 hours of request being lodged.

We require at least 1 WEEK prior notice of any fork or fundamental change to the coin’s chain.

Update Fees



Features including in listing package

  • Listing your crypto asset in XCOM Payment Gateway for 1 year
  • All merchants can start accept payments in your coin using our Merchant tools and API
  • We make an announcement in our social media - Discord, Twitter, Bitcointalk
  • We add coin profile on our website. Profile included links: website, Discord, Telegram, Bitcointalk, MNO, Twitter, Exchanges, Medium
  • We add into rotation your advertising banner*
  • All features that we implement after your listing will be paid will be available for your coin*


*Expected Features

1. XCOM Payment Gateway integrate with exchanges and allow merchants to make instant exchange accepted coins into BTC or USDT

2. XCOM Payment Gateway integrate with fiat payment systems and allow merchants to make instant exchange BTC into FIAT

3. XCOM Payment Gateway provide to merchants e-commerce plugins and POS-interface

4. XCOM Payment Gateway provide to users multi-currency web wallet


Important notes

If your daemon source code produces any kind of financial damage to XCOM Payment Gateway by malfunctioning or containing serious bugs or exploits, you agree to fully compensate for all damage. We compile from the LATEST OFFICIAL RELEASE of your GitHub.

Please ensure your ticker is NOT already used by another project. Confirm with both a search of [ANN] and at CoinMarketCap, that your ticker is unique.

We do not currently support NEO (or NEP5 tokens). Newly implemented protocols will be announced when available.

*Banner requirements 900x150px. We accept .gif or .png formats, max banner size 800kb.

No refunds will be given to cancelled requests after payment.

Item Details - Payment Cart
Item # Per Item Price Total
List your Coin 500 XCOM 500 XCOM

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